Effective and Efficient Distribution of Your Investment Message to Millions of
Decision Makers in the Financial Community


Corporate communications campaigns that target highly defined and highly responsive audiences have a dramatic impact on the shareholder value of companies that are traditionally overlooked by the investment community because they don’t show up, YET, on Wall Street’s radar screens.

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Insight Communications develops and implements a fully integrated, custom designed, multi-channeled financial communications campaigns. By summarizing independent research reports, and our client’s business operations, Insight develops a base of information for the investment community.

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The Company’s proprietary media channels, financial publishing assets, retail & institutional investor databases, corporate affiliates, strategic partners and proven campaign strategies set Insight Communications apart from all other corporate communications professionals.

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About Insight Communications, Inc.

Insight Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Casson Media Group, Inc., is a specialized financial and corporate communications firm that assists micro and small-cap companies in achieving the optimum, sustainable market value for their securities.

Insight utilizes its proprietary media channels, financial publishing assets and proven campaign strategies to expand market awareness, broaden retail and institutional shareholder bases and improve liquidity for domestic and foreign-based clients whose shares trade on U.S. exchanges.

Successful financial communications campaigns reduce the cost of capital, facilitate acquisitions and help establish a company's true intrinsic value.

Core Strengths

Investment Message
Distribution to Qualified Investors