Benefits of Engaging Insight Communications

Insight’s financial communications campaigns reduce the cost of capital, facilitate acquisitions and help establish a company’s true intrinsic value.

Strategic Communications Campaigns Tailored to Strengthen Corporate Presence in the Investment Community

Insight Communications develops and implements a fully integrated, custom designed, multi-channeled financial communications campaign to maximize market awareness. By summarizing independent research reports, our client’s business operations, corporate outlook, financial achievements, historical stock performance and management team, Insight develops a base of information for the investment community.

Effective and Efficient Distribution of Corporate Information to Millions of Decision Makers in the Financial Community

Insight Communications can quickly distribute “breaking corporate news,” “third party research” and other pertinent public information to over 500,000+ potential shareholders via its proprietary digital communications platform in a matter of hours. This quickly positions a client company front and center with key decision makers that include individual investors, institutions, retail broker-dealers and investment professionals.

Solid, Long-term Shareholder Base Will Help Achieve an Optimum, Sustainable Stock Valuation

Insight Communications’ team has, since 1975, developed digital and direct mail shareholder acquisition programs utilizing its extensive database of pre-qualified prospects. We expose our clients to millions of affluent individuals and institutional investors who have the interest and means to make significant investments in qualified companies. Successful campaigns can broaden the retail and institutional shareholder base and dramatically impact liquidity.

Unique Media Platform

The Company’s proprietary media channels, financial publishing assets, retail & institutional investor databases, corporate affiliates, strategic partners and proven campaign strategies set Insight Communications apart from all other corporate communications firms.