Corporate Engagements

Consumer Electronics Company Wanted To Increase Daily Trading Volume

The five days preceding the campaign, the company was trading approximately 1,500 shares per day and there were three 0 days when the stock didn’t open. Insight Communications developed a “news” and “editorial” based program that proved to be immediately successful: 1st week of program: company traded 6,000 shares/day ;  400% increase in daily volume 2nd week of program: company traded 3,650 shares/day;  240% increase in daily volume 3rd week of program: company traded 10,000 shares/day;  666% increase in daily volume A second and somewhat expected benefit of increased daily trading volume was an improvement in share price. The starting price was $0.60; the stock hit a high price of $1.33 during the three week campaign and was trading around $1.00 at conclusion.

Independent Exploration and Production Company Looking to Increase Market Awareness and Liquidity

Domestic on-shore oil and natural gas company was seeking to increase its market presence and daily trading volume. Insight Communications and a leading small-cap research firm collaborated on this project and developed a 60-day news, editorial and research-based program to accomplish the objectives. At the start of the program the stock was trading at $0.51; the preceding two month trading volume was 12,500 shares per day. The daily trading volume increased 120% to 27,500 shares a day… the stock hit a high price of $0.71 (up 39%) during the campaign and was still trading at $0.58 after conclusion of the program.

Canadian Precious Metals Producer was Seeking Price Appreciation

Insight Communications’ affiliate company developed a three month campaign to create market awareness with the primary objective of increasing the company’s share price.  Using a combination of digital-based news and editorial coverage Insight successfully achieved the company’s goal. At the start of the campaign the stock was trading around $0.20 a share and hit a high of $0.50 (an increase of 150%) during the program with a average daily volume of 71,825 shares.

Creating Major Success in the World’s Fastest Growing Automotive Market

The second largest manufacturer of power steering systems and other automotive components in China, the world’s fastest growing automobile market, completed a reverse merger and commenced trading on the OTC Bulletin Board. Shortly thereafter, the company made an application for listing on the NASDAQ and engaged Insight Communications to develop and execute a financial communications campaign.Using its proprietary media channels, financial publishing assets and market knowledge, Insight Communications initiated a corporate communications campaign to optimize the market value of the company stock that had been trading at or below $5.00. Once Insight Communication’s integrated multi-media retail awareness campaign took hold the stock moved decisively. Within several months, the price had risen to more than $18.00 per share and stabilized at a sustained price of $15.00 when the assignment was concluded.

Nanotechnology – Building Solutions Atom by Atom

An advanced materials company, whose proprietary technologies have a vast range of commercial applications, completed a reverse merge and began trading on the OTCBB. The company wanted to increase their market awareness as well as trading volume, and broaden their shareholder base. These objectives were met within a limited budget and relatively short time frame. Insight Communications designed a market awareness campaign around the company’s innovative nanotechnology and commercial potential. The stock was trading at $2.10 when the campaign began. The stock hit a new high of $2.30 within 12 days, and another new high of $2.35 shortly thereafter, before stabilizing around $2.25 with about a 25% increase in volume.

Worldwide Chinese Healthcare Company Lists on U.S. Stock Market

A successful Chinese healthcare and wellness company completed a reverse merger and became a publicly traded stock, thereafter applying for a listing on the American Stock Exchange. With the company’s stock lying virtually dormant around $3.00 a share, Insight Communications and several affiliates developed a financial communications campaign to present the company’s financial growth curve that showed significant top and bottom line results. The Insight team executed a powerful multi-media strategy focusing on net income results, annualized earnings, and the fact that the company had more than 4,000,000 international distributors/sales representatives. When the campaign concluded, the company’s stock showed an average daily volume approaching 40,000 shares and a sustained price of over $8.50 per share.

Telecommunications Company Seeks Expansion Capital

A consumer electronics OEM processing and distribution company completed a reverse merge and began trading on the OTC Bulletin Board. The company wanted to initiate a corporate awareness program in order to attract expansion capital. Insight Communications designed a comprehensive corporate communications program utilizing digital as well as print media. The company’s stock was trading about 14,000 shares a day at approximately $4.50 when the campaign began. The stock traded above $8.00 within 90 days with an average volume of over 50,000 shares per day.

Leading Paper Manufacturer Seeking Price Appreciation and Listing on Senior Exchange

A leading paper manufacturer in Northern China was looking to increase market awareness, share price and up-list from the OTC market to a senior stock exchange. Insight Communications designed an integrated financial communications campaign that included digital and print media. The company’s stock was trading around $6.50 a share with a reasonably attractive volume of 225,000 shares per day.  During the campaign the stock hit a high of $15.15 and was trading at $9.92 when the program ended. In the middle part of a six month program, daily trading volume increased to 315,000 shares, up 40%. The company subsequently applied for and was accepted to list on the NYSE MKT exchange.

Canadian-based Natural Resources Company Seeking Increased Market Exposure

Insight Communications and affiliates developed a 45 day campaign to create market awareness for a junior resources company focused on mineral properties and commodities used in the steel industry.  The strategy primarily was designed to increase retail investor exposure by leveraging existing media/video coverage. At the start of the campaign the stock was trading at $0.33 per share. The price hit a high of $0.52 and the company’s stock was trading at $0.42 when the campaign ended. Trading volume for the ten days preceding the campaign was 72,000 shares/day. Campaign volume averaged 120,000 shares/day for 31 trading days.

× Disclaimer: Results may vary from campaign to campaign and company to company. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.