Strategic Affiliates

  1. Harbinger Research, a small cap research specialist provides independent CFA research coverage, Birdseye Reports (CFA prepared executive summaries) and business plan/financial pitch books for Company clients.
  2. Acorn Management Partners (AMP) is a Professional Relations Company that helps small and micro-cap stocks build a core following from the retail brokerage community. Companies must have quality management, true potential, a catalyst that validates the stock through an major event, objective, or successful execution of its business plan over time. AMP develops a following from 100 or more retail stock brokers that become evangelists for the company and with their individual “books” of investors.
  3. The Momentum Investor, an affiliated publication, is an international on-line newswire that distributes corporate press releases, expanded news coverage, corporate profiles and summarized research reports on client companies to its highly qualified on-line audience of 500,000+ individual and institutional investors.
  4. Editorial coverage can be provided in monthly issues of Microcap MarketPlace, an affiliated financial newsletter that is distributed to approximately 350,000 potential readers. Additionally, the MicroCap MarketPlace website has 100,000 investor visits each month.
  5. Wall Street Resources has been providing micro-cap research to investors since 2003. The firm’s specialty is discovering exceptional emerging growth companies with a market cap of less than $250 million, that are not yet fully valued but have the financial strength, management expertise and business model to reward early stage investors.
  6. NIBA – National Investment Banking Association and other Financial Conferences/Investment Bankers/Broker Dealers
  7. Financial Services Exchange – We have numerous contacts in the financial media and with investment bankers/broker dealers experienced in the small cap sector.
  8. When appropriate, the Company can arrange for financial radio broadcast support with a leading national talk show host, such as Steve Crowley of American Scene Radio or Sully Sullivan of the Big Biz Show. Both are very experienced financial professionals and have large, growing audiences